Deeplinks with Ionic 2+

02 June 2017 on Ionic2

A deeplink is a way to give a user a link to a certain section of your app that a user can respond to. So we could provide a link to a user that looks something like:

Part 2: Push Notifications with Ionic 3

02 June 2017 on Ionic2

In Part 1 of this blog post, we looked at how to configure push notifications on iOS and Android with Ionics Push notification service. Then we sent a push notification to every device using Ionic push.

Push Notification with Ionic 3

01 May 2017 on Ionic2

One of the things that makes using instagram and pinterest so rewarding is when someone likes your post / photo. That instant gratificaiton when you get a little notification on your device that your friend liked the picture you took keeps you going back for more.

Making a Calendar with Ionic2

03 February 2017 on Ionic2

One of the most usefull piecies of functionality for any application is to schedule events. All sorts of apps need to schedule things or display schedules such as an event planning appliation, an enterprise coordination app, or maybe even a app for shift work.

2016 In Data

02 February 2017 on styles

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